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Deborah’s kitty of an uncertain age, Eliot Sanders. He is named after two of my favorite authors, George Eliot and T. S. Eliot.

My (Deborah’s) companion animal welcomes you to PsychDisABILITIES. My real expertise is in how to organize and how to cook/bake. In about a quarter-century of lawyering in three States, I have picked up some pointers on that as well. My clinical training is limited to a pregnancy’s nine months of studies in a parallel track to the Doctor of Mental Health program at the University of California, Berkeley. (As well, I’ve been privileged to have  a good deal of informal mentoring.)

This site tries to give some tools that I have conceived over the thirty-five years during which I’ve had personal experience as a mental health consumer, as well as the twenty years during which I’ve lived with the consequences of a brain injury. What I call “brain fog”–the confusion that I’ve experienced–is the main target of these tools. But I also try in this site to give you the benefit of what I’ve learned along the way, and/or as a trained attorney (retired). For the most part, the posts are being generated in a sequential order. I’m addressing people who are in a thicker brain fog first, and will get to people who are able to do more of what they desire as time passes and I am able to post more entries. Note that if at any time you have a psychiatric hospitalization, you can expect to be in a thicker brain fog for a period even once you have returned home, so some of the earlier posts may touch you more closely, at least for a while.

Check out the About Page, The Four Foundations (Principles) of PsychDisABILITIES.info–the About Page , for more information.

Please do not take what I write here as being medically valid. Indeed, it is only my lay opinion that psychiatric meds are worth taking (even with all their risks). I base my judgment on the experience of having taken mood stabilizers and anti-psychotics since 1984. My side effects have not been mild–I had a brain injury from a physician’s error in administering lithium (1997), and my tremor has been such as to have used a manual wheelchair since mid-2015. But the direct effect? I am free of psychosis! ( I have severe Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, as well as Bipolar Disorder–the manic type (“I”) for decades, shifting thereafter from the mixed type into frank depressive type (“II”) since my mobility challenges have increased.)

As to my qualifications to write, I have published two blogs–one on saving money, continued herein so that you can eat well no matter how low is your income (you can find the archives of “THE PENNY ORCHID” from 2004-6, at thriftwithflair.blogspot.com), a book in 2016 on mental health recovery (The Complete How to Repair Your World Tool Kit), fifteen articles, and numerous columns. One blog, most of the articles, and all of the columns “translated” law into everyday language. This PsychDisABILITIES blog could perhaps help you recover from depression, anxiety, bipolar, whatever mental health symptoms you or those you care about may have. The emphasis is on tools which you can use to plan, so that you can become all that you yearn to be.

My main topics in the blog, introduced on dedicated “landing pages,” are:

  1. HELP! Emergencies
  2. What to Do When You’re in a Brain Fog
  3. Finding Your Own Path with Goals
  4. Some Essential Reasons to Keep on Truckin’
  5. Physical Disabilities
  6. Home Remedies/DIY Treatments
  7. Making Your Home a Healing Environment
  8. Public Benefits and Other Government Programs
  9. THE PENNY ORCHID–Thrift with Flair
  10. Time Management

So grab your favorite beverage and join Eliot and me! All best wishes, Yours, Deborah

Me. Deborah.

Disclosures: (1) In future months, I’ll make .pdf versions of in-depth articles that I’ve written for you, (called “Special Reports,”) available to you at affordable prices. (2) You may find advertising, clearly delineated, on these pages and posts.

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